Good for cognition – Yoga

Adults in a fitness class

We’ve teamed up with MyCognition to produce a series of blogs about the cognitive benefits of various activities. But what do we mean by cognitive benefits? We’re looking at how different activities could help your alertness, concentration, short-term memory, long-term memory and strategic thinking. Here’s what Lizzie and Martina from MyCognition had to say about […]

Meet Anne-Marie Waugh from Rolladome All Skate

Anne-Marie Waugh from RolladomeSkate with kids

Hi Anne-Marie — tell us a bit about Rolladome… Rolladome is a registered charity on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of young people in NW London through roller skating. Six of us started it in 2009 and since then 40,000 kids have benefited! Why roller skating? It’s so important that kids are active but […]

How can Yoga help with OCR training?

Amy doing a back curve in yoga

Amy runs A to Z Yoga. She has some great reasons for including Yoga in your OCR training….here are her top tips! Hi Amy - for OCR races like Spartan Race UK people need stamina and endurance - how can Yoga help? Yoga is built on stamina and endurance! Poses are generally held for longer than you would necessarily […]

Running…my 6 steps to starting

My favourite running buddy!

I’m Anna, I take care of social media at HulaHub and this year I’ve started running. I was never picked for any school sports team and never felt encouraged. Because I’ve always seemed healthy and not been overweight I never had an obvious incentive to take up a sport regularly. However…I’m not a bad skier. […]

Meet Roger from John Cooper Quiz Walks

Hi Roger — tell us, what’s a Quiz Walk?! Our Quiz Walks combine a circular countryside stroll in Surrey and neighbouring counties with cryptic clues to solve along the way — people go round in teams to do this. We’re all about getting out into the fresh air and having a Sunday walk with some fun observational and word-based […]

Meet Personal Trainer Erik Briscoe from Team 6

Erik, Personal Trainer from Team 6

Hi Erik — how did you get into personal training? I used to be a semi-professional Kickboxer so I’ve always been involved in sport. After my kickboxing career I trained up with Combine 360, an American fitness training method that U.S. professional athletes use. For a few years now I’ve been working with all sorts of people, […]