Good for your cognition – Dance

Dance class

We’ve teamed up with MyCognition to produce a series of blogs about the cognitive benefits of various activities.

But what do we mean by cognitive benefits? We’re looking at how different activities could help your alertness, concentration, short-term memory, long-term memory and strategic thinking.

Here’s what Kieron and Lizzie from MyCognition had to say about Dance.

How can Dance benefit an individual’s cognition?

MyCognition’s healthy habits programme highlights the benefits of exercise for your processing speed. This is your ability to put thoughts into action quickly and accurately. It helps you multitask and assists your co-ordination. Dance is a creative way of getting exercise.

Dance is normally a social activity – is that a good thing?

Social relationships benefit your executive function which helps you to plan, organise and be creative. All key skills to help you with dance and in life generally! So yes, it’s very beneficial to do a social activity like dance.

Dance class

Dance is a sociable activity

Dance is so varied – how should I choose which type to try?

Any type of dance can be beneficial, be it ballroom, ballet or street dance! Pick one that appeals to you and we hope you’ll enjoy it! And you can always branch out and try different types of dance.

 dance class

Dance is good for your physical and mental wellbeing

How quickly will I feel the cognitive benefits of dance?

It’s really difficult to say, but the main thing is to get into a regular routine and to have fun.

How can HulaHub help?

HulaHub has a wide variety of dance classes. Whether you’ve enjoyed dance already or you’d like to give it a go for the first time, do have a look and find dance activities in your area.

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