Ed Sumner on using HulaHub…

Cheese and Wine Painting club group session with HulaHub

Why do you use HulaHub for your Cheese and Wine Painting Club evenings?

It’s easy to set up the events and market them through HulaHub. It’s straightforward for activity hosts like me to load up the details and photos to show people what the activity is all about and to take bookings and payment.

Ed Sumner with Jaz and Monika from HulaHub

What other benefits have you found through HulaHub?

I’ve used discount vouchers to attract new clients which has worked well.  If they then come back for more classes that’s really valuable to me. Repeat custom is of course a real endorsement of what I’m doing, but getting clients to come for the first time is the bigger challenge, so the discounts have worked well to encourage that first booking.

What’s the secret to getting bookings through HulaHub?

The venues have to help, by putting posters up and engaging on social media. I put my events on all my social media channels and I’ve linked up with HulaHub’s social media so my events are publicised there too. It takes time to get the word out and collaborations help with this – with the venues, with other relevant groups and local groups.

Have you had any sell out events through HulaHub?

Yes I have! As an activity host there’s nothing better than selling out!

Would you recommend HulaHub to other sports and leisure activity hosts?

Yes I would. I’ve had a really positive experience and found new customers. My classes take place in both London and Yorkshire. HulaHub is UK-wide so it’s a great platform for me.


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