Meet Ed Sumner from Cheese and Wine Painting Club

Ed Sumner art class

Hi Ed – how did Cheese and Wine Painting Club come about?

I’d seen similar classes in the US, ‘Sip and Paint’ or ‘Corks and Canvas’ but always thought I could do something even more creative and original back here in the UK. I’m an artist but I also love to teach so I set up Cheese and Wine Painting Club, focusing on hosting the classes in great venues and serving fabulous cheese and wine. We have music playing while we paint interesting art, so it’s a really special, fun experience.

Is this an activity aimed at budding artists?

I believe, in fact I know, that anyone can paint. Both artists and people with no artistic experience love my events. And it’s not just about the art – some people come along to catch up with friends, some to unwind after work, or try something new. People come on their own or in groups.

Each of your classes is focussed on a particular famous painting – how do you choose them?

The painting has to be interesting or cool and of course do-able but not always in the most obvious way.  We show different techniques for painting different subjects so no two classes are the same. People are always amazed by the results!

What can people expect to go home with (and does the paint dry in time?!)

Everyone goes home with their own version of whichever painting we’ve picked for that evening – it could be a Monet, a Hockney, a Frida Khalo…you just pick the evening which appeals to you. We use acrylic paint which is water based so it dries quickly even if lots of paint is used!

The cheese and wine also sound great – do you like red or white and what’s your favourite cheese?!

I like a glass of red, or maybe a rosé for a warm summer’s evening. And for me, it’s got to be a good cheddar!
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