Good for cognition – Yoga

Adults in a fitness class

We’ve teamed up with MyCognition to produce a series of blogs about the cognitive benefits of various activities.

But what do we mean by cognitive benefits? We’re looking at how different activities could help your alertness, concentration, short-term memory, long-term memory and strategic thinking.

Here’s what Lizzie and Martina from MyCognition had to say about Yoga.

What are the main cognitive benefits of Yoga?

A recent study has shown Yoga reduces the cognitive load we normally experience. A key part of many yoga practices is clearing the mind through meditation. The study showed significant improvements in working memory as a result. Working memory helps with problem solving and decision taking. And the breathing techniques learned in yoga can help to improve focus and attention.

Amy doing a back curve in yoga

How often should Yoga be practiced?

Yoga can be practiced as often as you like – in the morning, as a wind-down before bed or during the day. The main thing is to get in a regular routine, whether that’s daily or weekly. A recent study (see above) showed measurable cognitive benefits after just 6 one hour yoga sessions.

Would you recommend practicing yoga alone or in a group with an instructor?

Certainly both are beneficial. However social interactions are part of five important healthy habits that we recommend, so yoga in a friendly group is a great idea. Social interaction helps to develop and maintain a strong executive function which is your ability to plan, organise and be creative. This is of course beneficial in working life, your social life and at home.

Adults in a fitness class

Yoga in a group can be motivating

How can HulaHub help?

HulaHub has yoga instructors who can give you 1 to 1 or group sessions to suit your needs. Whether you’ve tried yoga already or you’d like to give it a go for the first time, do have a look on our site and find yoga instructors in your area.

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