Running…my 6 steps to starting

My favourite running buddy!

I’m Anna, I take care of social media at HulaHub and this year I’ve started running.

I was never picked for any school sports team and never felt encouraged. Because I’ve always seemed healthy and not been overweight I never had an obvious incentive to take up a sport regularly.

However…I’m not a bad skier. It’s taken a lot of practice and hard work but I’m now confident and feel good whizzing around the slopes once a year. I’m OK at badminton and I enjoy the sound and feel of hitting the shuttlecock just right. I’ve always managed to get to the top of the mountain hiking — I’ve just used grit and determination and enjoyed the view at the top.

So I thought maybe, just maybe, I could take up running. It’s still early days but it’s been a revelation to me and I think I’m here to stay!

Here are the 6 things I’ve done to break my mould and get running:

1. I invested in some really good running shoes. I spent an hour in a running shop being assessed and trying on numerous pairs until the shop assistant and I were both happy. I’d never had high quality sports shoes of any kind before but they are worth every penny.

Buy the best running shoes you can

Buy the best running shoes you can

2. It turns out my oldest son is a great running coach — he’s taught me how to warm up and he took me on my first few runs, splitting the time between running and walking and showing me stretches at the end.

3. His younger brother has now taken over and paces me really well round the park  - we did our first Parkrun together, I told him to go for it (he left me for dust!) and he was there at the end welcoming me across the finish line.

4. I discovered really quickly that I can’t run alone — I need a running buddy to egg me on and not let me secretly stop! So when my kids are at school I run with Tilly our HulaHub office dog.

My favourite running buddy!

My favourite running buddy!

5. I grab easy opportunities — my youngest’s school hosts a morning daily mile and parents are welcome. The Parkrun is great — lots of encouragement and a weekly opportunity to get timed (I haven’t yet invested in any gadgets or apps). And the dog needs daily exercise so instead of walking her I run her!

6. I’ve given myself milestones and promised myself rewards. When I first ran 2K I bought myself running shorts. After completing my first Parkrun I got myself a running top. One day I might, just might get a Garmin!

So that’s the story so far. The next target is to run a 10K – I’ll let you know how I get on!

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