Top tips on cycling— from Chris

Chris with one of his bikes

HulaHub’s Chris has cycled all his life — growing up in Cambridge he was swept up into it and now it’s his favourite way to commute and his top leisure activity.

He’s got lots of great tips and ideas to enjoy cycling, so I asked him for his top 5:

Chris, first things first, how do I choose a bike?

Think about what you’ll mainly use it for and plan accordingly, for example if you’re commuting by train a folder is handy, off road calls for a mountain bike or the new category of adventure bike. I reckon it never hurts to have more than one in the stable — in fact I’ve got seven and am pining for an eighth!

How on earth do you store seven bikes?

Like this 👇 !

One bike isn't enough for Chris!

One bike isn’t enough for Chris!

Any advice for avoiding punctures?

Go for tyres with a Kevlar inner layer, it really helps e.g. Continental 4 Season’s or Schwalbe Marathon’s, they’re very tough. Don’t bother with aftermarket tyre inserts, they don’t work and they can give you punctures by nicking the inner tube when they move around!

How often should I maintain my bike and what’s the most important thing to keep an eye on?

I like to maintain my bikes once a month — and with 7 it’s quite a job! The last thing you want is chain problems so it’s really important to use a chain cleaning machine, it definitely extends longevity.

And lastly, do you do any exercise to complement your cycling?

Yep definitely — I go to the gym regularly during the week and I do my local Parkrun on Saturday mornings. It’s important to have all-round fitness if you’re going to enjoy your cycling.

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