Meet Gill Lindsay from Gill’s Health & Fitness, Liverpool

Gill from Gill's Health & Fitness Liverpool

Hi Gill — what’s the story behind Gill’s Health & Fitness?

After 27 years working in the NHS I decided it was time for a change! I’d always had a personal interest in health and fitness — I’d been a WeightWatchers Leader for a while — and I decided to train up as a personal trainer. It was my daughter who gave me the idea and we did the 6 week intensive course together! I started personal training for individuals but I wanted to add in nutrition to what I offered. As we all know nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle. So then I trained with Herbalife, getting to know more about their products and using them myself so I offer advice and products from Herbalife Nutrition.

Sounds like the two sides to what you offer complement each other really well. Do people need to commit to both?

Not at all — some people are more interested in nutrition and some just want help with fitness and exercise — and of course some want both! So I offer people whatever they want. It’s really important to me that people have their own goals and that we work together to achieve them.

What kind of fitness classes do you run?

I like to keep groups quite small — 15 people max, and my daughter often helps too so people get a lot of attention. It’s really important my clients are guided to use correct techniques to avoid injury. I’m a big fan of metabolic classes — people are encouraged to push as hard as they can but to rest for a few seconds or minutes if they need to, then push again. You get much better results that way than continuing to push when you’re tired and unable to give it your all. Rest is really important.

Is there a social side to your classes?

People come along to enjoy themselves — we always have a laugh and a joke as well as getting down to business with the exercise classes. Certainly people have made new friends through my classes.

Gill from Gill's Health & Fitness Liverpool

Anything new this year?

Yes I’m excited I started walking groups in the Spring. It’s a friendly community of people who want to walk (briskly!) — we meet in parks so we can use the exercise stations too. Having a park based walking group also means that new mums can bring along their baby and push their prams (great resistance training!) and not have to worry about childcare. Older kids can come too — it’s great for parents to show kids good exercise habits.

What’s your best top tip for leading a healthier lifestyle?

Without a doubt drinking more water. I once had a client who’d been a Major in the Forces — I showed him tactics for drinking more water and cutting down on sugar. He came back 2 weeks later saying he and his wife both felt more alert, had lost some weight and were sleeping better. I was so pleased!

How does HulaHub help you?

Running my own business is great but the admin and chasing payments takes time and isn’t much fun! Using HulaHub frees up my time to focus on my clients’ health and fitness needs, which is what I really enjoy. Also I love the fact I can share my HulaHub profile on social media!

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