Meet Personal Trainer Erik Briscoe from Team 6

Erik, Personal Trainer from Team 6

Hi Erik — how did you get into personal training?

I used to be a semi-professional Kickboxer so I’ve always been involved in sport. After my kickboxing career I trained up with Combine 360, an American fitness training method that U.S. professional athletes use. For a few years now I’ve been working with all sorts of people, from Premier League footballers, to locals who want to get fit and keep progressing. My training is all about using more than one muscle group at a time, so the whole body is working as one.

How do you arrange the training sessions?

It’s mostly group sessions in Hilly Fields Park, Lewisham. We set up groups early in the morning — I have sessions at 6am! — and throughout the day. I have a professional footballer who comes in the evening so in winter we bring floodlights! The great thing about the group sessions is everyone’s working with my Under Armour equipment to their own targets so people of all levels and abilities can work alongside each other. I’ve had sessions with professional athletes and local mums all training at the same time. Everyone eggs each other on!

How often do people train and what equipment do you use?

My sessions tend to be drop-in so people can turn up when it suits — we get a good mix of people. I’m affiliated with Under Armour Inc so we use their brilliant equipment and I believe I’m the only person in the UK offering the Vertimax V8 training system — it’s an American innovation that’s fantastic for working on your speed.

Erik, personal trainer from Team 6 with a client

Erik, personal trainer from Team 6 with a client

Who do you feel you’ve really helped with your sessions?

I worked with footballer Ikechi Anya who played for Scotland in the World Cup. We built up his speed which was great. But equally I work with local mums — I tell them not to focus on losing weight, it’s about being active, that’s what’s good for the body.

What are your top tips for someone who wants to give it a go?

Get some proper sports trainers, fashion trainers aren’t good enough. Keep hydrated — water is fine if you’re not sweating too much, but if you’re really pushing yourself and perspiring a lot I recommend isotonic drinks to replenish lost salts. Don’t stop training completely if you have an injury, just tone it down — part of what I do is spotting issues and working with people to improve their overall flexibility, coordination and balance.

Why is HulaHub a good fit for Team 6?

I’m really keen to get the word out about my training. The profile I have with HulaHub means people can see what I’m all about and decide if what I offer is for them. And then the reviews and ratings give them the confidence to book in a session!

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